Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Fresh new Look!

I spent a few minutes today photoshopping a new header. While I liked the previous one, the new one is vibrant and reflects a little mystery. If you are viewing this from Goodreads, please go here for the full view:

The image below shows the old header on top and the new one on bottom. So, thumbs up or down?

Because I have experience with digital art, I am going to be very hands on in designing all my future book covers - something that I am extremely excited about. I am very particular about my art and finding the right image that suits the characters and the story is important to me. I think its an advantage that self published authors have in being able to help with the design concept.

If we happen to have a little skill in photoshopping, there is the opportunity to really give you our interpretation of the story in a visual form that is straight from the authors head.

And just wait till you see what's in my head. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. The one on the top is very "underworld".. serious, dark, dangerous. The second one outlines more the theme of the Mageri Series, exciting and brighter. I like them both but the second is more emphatic of your current work.