Tuesday, October 4, 2011


October 5th will mark the 1 month anniversary since the release of "STERLING". It's been a bumpy ride. To give you the lowdown, when I released this book it was with no expectation that it would sell a lot of copies. Do I love my story? YES! But in the massive sea of books available on amazon (well over 800,000) it seemed too easy to get lost in the shuffle and i threw my hands into the air. All I could do was release "Sterling" into the great wide open and hope for the best.

Somehow, people have found my book. Not only that, but my sales continue to rise (at least for the time being). It received a few reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but I'm guessing that most people like me do not read a book immediately after purchase.

That's okay, I'm perfectly content knowing its in their library waiting for a cold stormy day this winter when they can curl up beneath their blanket, set down their steaming cup of coffee on the end table and switch on their Kindle.

My best rank (US) that I've been able to track has been:

    * #58 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Fantasy > Contemporary
    * #75 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary

Wow! I'm still floored by the numbers. Whether that continues remains to be seen, but it doesn't make it any less exciting to know that I was there in the top 100.For those of you who have added "Sterling" to your library, a big THANK YOU for giving it a chance!

#3,392 Paid in Kindle Store

That's a pretty fabulous number. Hell, I'd be happy with 40,000 only because I am competing against over 800,000+ books. The lower the number, the better. Who is #1? I wish I could do a ranking search..lol

  • MORE REVIEWSI would really love to see more reviews on Amazon. Not everyone who reads a book writes reviews;, typically it's going to be those who are either passionate about writing reviews or feel very strongly about a book (either they love it or hate it). Of COURSE I'm wishing for 5 star reviews, who wouldn't? I guess the old adage "Be careful what you wish for" is tapping me on the shoulder. But reviews aren't really for the author -they're for the readers. And I think it always helps people when there are reviews to give them an idea about what others took away from the book.
  • BOOK 2: To publish book 2 of the Mageri series by Christmas. I've been working very hard on the editing to meet this goal.
  • SELF IMPROVEMENT: To continue to improve the quality of my writing and stories.
  • FOLLOWERS: That I will have more followers on my blog, facebook and goodreads. I want people to follow me so that I can communicate to them new book releases. Amazon does not allow you to put a placeholder in for a book with an option for someone to be notified upon its release.
  • EARLY RETIREMENT (lol): Every girl needs a big dream. Some dream of prince charming, but my dream is that I will retire in 5 years from my day job and do this full time. I suppose it would help if I didn't just dream about winning the lottery but actually played it. Odds are that I will have a better chance at being struck by a meteor while hula hooping on a helicopter, but we all need a big wish, don't we? :) So I'm throwing it out there into the Universe!

Word of mouth is the only thing that's going to get my book going at this point. I've had time constraints on being able to effectively market the book. I want people to finish reading it wondering "What happens next" - because I do have more to come. There are twists, there are secrets, there are relationships discovered. It can be dark, but there is love, friendship and plenty of drama.

And for some fun, I decided to post a small excerpt from book two. It was difficult to fish something out that wouldn't be a spoiler. Mind you this is a rough outtake because the editing is not yet complete. Alas, there are too many spoilers so I chose this one, which I think in itself is a little interesting. Simon is much smarter than we give him credit for. ;-)

He squinted at me with those brown eyes when I flicked a tiny white peg across the polished table. It tumbled to the floor and I scooted my chair back.
“You win.”
“Say it.”
“Come on, Simon, you won. Don’t be such a child.”
Say it.” He folded his arms unwilling to back down.
Hell was going to freeze over before Simon would let me walk away from that table without saying the word.
I sounded off a defeated sigh and rolled my eyes dramatically. “You sunk my battleship.”
“Atta girl.”
He twisted my game board around and savored his victory. “You shouldn’t be so sensitive, Silver. What you lack is conviction; sometimes you have to make sacrifices before you can win. You are too impulsive and eager when you play games.”

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