Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've done it.

My book was sent to Kindle on the evening of the 5th in Review status. That meant no one could purchase it until it was finished publishing. When I logged on the morning of the 6th, I saw it was still in the "publishing status" and not completed.

So I was a little confused when I saw that I had already sold 5 copies. There are over 800,000 books on Kindle, and mine ranks (currently)22,000. If it will stay there remains to be seen, but it was pretty exciting. I decided to give it a day to digest, and now I've sold over 10+ copies. To be honest, I've read some Kindle authors stating they have sold that in a year (if at all) --it's a tough market out there.

I had to republish it to update the description, so that version is not yet published, but the book is still available. I won't be able to turn on the "Search inside" feature until I get an author page set up. (Groan, the things they don't tell you) But if you want to read the excerpt (Make sure you are reading this from my blog account) then click on the MAGERI link at the top and it's written out.

I peeked at book 2 of the series again and was pretty excited about it since my favorite character is introduced, but I decided to take some R&R for awhile .I have a vacation coming up this afternoon and I did not want to spend the whole 10 days doing a rewrite.

They say half the battle is writing it and the other half is promoting. At this point, I'm utterly exhausted. I'm still sticking to my guns in that I wanted to publish and let the chips fall where they may. I'm just a girl who decided to write a book. The fact I've sold 10 copies to 10 strangers, since I haven't announced it to anyone until this posting, is pretty damn cool. Never let anything in life deter you--even if your bad at it. Life is too damn short to live with doubt and regret. The worst that can happen is that everyone hates it.

But it won't stop me from loving my characters; they all have a special place in my heart and I will always stick up for them. My writing I hope to continually improve at, but I am a little attached to my stories. :-) Now, off to enjoy my vacation! Should you choose to purchase the book, thank you for taking a walk in my little world. If not, then feel free to stick around and watch this journey and read my ramblings. I thought readers would be interested to see what happens from the get-go when self publishing. (Nothing is as easy as it sounds).

Sterling on Amazon

Some of you may wonder why I changed the title from "LightWalker" To "Sterling". I batted it around for a while and LightWalker sounded too sci-fi for me. (Skywalker..I know, i know). She's not a

It's not that it's a bad title, but for *me*, it didn't feel like the right one to describe this book, so it came down to a personal decision. Those who read it will understand where the title came from. But no one ever buys a book for its title.

I'd like to dedicate this book to my good friends who never lived beyond 22. You'll always be forever young in my heart, and I would have loved to see what you would have done in your life.

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