Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never a Vacation

I shouldn't be spending any of my vacation days writing, but here I sit-skimming over Book 2. I want to outline all the key points for each book in the series before I begin the editing. Book 1 is about Zoe's struggle to become what she is and accept it, despite the obstacles and marks against her. I never wanted to write a book about immortal characters that was an easy one, it's a process of self discovery and learning who you have the potential to become.

Book 2 delves more into--the heart of the matter as she learns to open herself up to the possibility of letting someone in. Someone who is very persistent. The series unravels some interesting facts, uncovering secrets no one imagined. I guess that's why I'm anxious to get it going.

Villains: There always has to be someone or something to struggle against. It's easy when you write fantasy to develop villains--each having a different reason for their motives. There is never just one, and I think that it often wears down on the reader when you have that one good vs. evil. I like a battle, and I like the introduction of new characters from all angles. I enjoy the pursuit of ones beliefs, and how far some are willing to go to sacrifice for those beliefs.

So, my goal is to have Book 2 out by years end. I think that is a reasonable goal and now that I am familiar with the process of formatting and Kindle, that part will be a cinch. It's just the rewrite and editing that will require some effort. In my own opinion, I think this is one series that progressively gets stronger (vs some series which start out with a bang and go down the slope) because I begin to introduce new Breeds - one which I'm very much in love with and wrote another series which included them.

And yeah, they're hot

I'm also thankful to those who have made a purchase and given Zoe a chance. I have steadily been selling copies in the U.S. and U.K. each day since the book was released 6 days ago. I hope it finds an audience.

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