Monday, September 5, 2011

Return of the Dot Dot DOT!

Editing is finally over. Probably worth hiring an editor - although be prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars. Might be worth it. I found a line about a "loaf floating by" that should have been leaf.

Gee, that really changes the context, doesn't it? Never do this yourself. Unless your poor, intend to keep your day job, and don't really give a flip. Well, I do...but the first two apply.

I did another pre-Kindle test upload and found all these blank pages before my Chapters. Gah! What?! After all that scrubbing? So I wasted 15 minutes attempting to retype the chapter headings and remove page breaks and reinserting them, hoping that would clear up any erroneous formatting behind the scenes on the HTML dimension that I'm not able to see.

No luck. (But you already figured that out when i used the word wasted, didn't you?)

Then, I take another glance at the last paragraph of the chapter preceeding where the issue is.

DOH! There's an extra space at the end of the sentence represented as a dot. You see it? Those little minions will ruin you, they will be your damnation.

So I picked up an oozie (otherwise known as my backspace key) and obliterated them.

(Damn, now isn't that a sentence taken out of context?)

That one lone dot, hanging at the end of my sentence--that's it. Who knew something so small could do so much damage. There's a "That's what she said" trying to get out, but I'm not going to say it.

Will this resolve formatting issues? Probably not. It's inevitable, I refuse to code HTML. Period. So if there's a blank page in there, all i can say is--maybe you can draw a picture on your kindle to fill in the space. I'm very close to the final upload. Now that i've gone through this learning curve, the other books shouldn't be so bad. LOL!!! (sorry i just had a mental collapse)

For those curious about what the hell this book is about? It's an Urban Fantasy; if you want gobs and gobs of ooey gooey sex scenes, you can stop now. (please start speaking in a British accent at any time)

I don't exclude them from some of the books I've written, including this series (just not gobs and gobs), but this is not a paranormal romance, as I've had a couple of people inquire. I have written a paranormal romance series, but honestly? I hate even categorizing what I write. Really, to have a label slapped on something you do.

Imagine if that applied in real life? You would see people walking around with "Doesn't flush the toilet" or "Can't commit". But does that one little sentence define who they are?

Well, maybe for some it does.

What I love about Zoe Merrick is that she is just like any other woman. Doesn't lead an extraordinary life, she's just thrust into an extraordinary situation. She has to learn to toughen up and that is evident as the series progresses, but her vulnerability remains in tact because that is still part of her humanity. Her first book is her struggle to come to terms with what she is and the tough world that she's entering, the next books delve into subjects a little different. I didn't want to go over the top by making her into a badass warrior--it seems that there are a lot of those type of books out and I wanted a character who a person could relate to. She's not always sure of herself or the decisions she makes.

Now that I've spent my entire labor day weekend...laboring...I'm going to pet my neglected cat. I'm also going to enjoy my time off next week from work and do some gambling,

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