Thursday, August 25, 2011

Name that Book!

As I continue to work on the cover, now comes the daunting task of naming the book. If you know you're going to write a series there's a few things to consider:

A Theme
Most Urban Fantasy have a running theme to identify the series. For instance Jeaniene Frost "Night Huntress Series" uses the keyword "Grave" in each book (with the exception of the spinoffs). Chloe Neill initially used "Bitten" or "Bite", but her running theme is a Vampire bite (soon to be released title is Drink Deep). Kim Harrison seems to enjoy spoofing movie titles.

Common Title
I already know I do not want the main characters name in the title - later books will have dual stories. Another consideration is using a title that already has 400 books with that title (Do a book search on Amazon for Prey and you get over 4,000 results)

While I considered using a keyword, I'm not going to necessarily hold to it. The series itself has a title - Mageri Series.

Does that mean I can go ahead and name the book "Junk in the Trunk?"

Not bloody likely.

Keywords seem more common in the Paranormal Romance series than Urban Fantasy. Lover, Midnight, Ecstasy - you know what I'm talkin' bout. But after too many books I don't remember the title, I just reference it as "Lucan's book" based on which character was the focus.  In Urban Fantasy i tend to refer to it as Book 3 or Book 5.

So how much does a title really matter?

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