Friday, August 19, 2011


So, here's what I'm up to. I just converted my file to mobipocket creator. I discovered some issues. While I thought I was savvy enough to have removed all the unnecessary formatting (see below), I didn't catch it all.

So at this moment, barring a quick break at the Taco bell, I am learning how to insert paragraph spacing. Kindle doesn't like space bars after a paragraph. If you want to publish and have the money--hire someone to do this. In the process of formatting I've had to:

1. Manually remove all extra spaces between words, before a sentence, and after a sentence. You would be surprised how many end up in your doc. This requires going page by ever loving page.

2. Page breaks. Apparently, they are your friend.

3. Setting the proper paragraph settings for the document.

4. Remove all tabs.

Ultimately, I have read many a horror story about an author putting a book out on Kindle with all kinds of formatting issues. Sometimes it creates a blank page, spaces where it shouldn't, etc. So, I am investing my time and willingness to learn all things about converting, formatting, and keeping my sanity.

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