Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fighting the Current

After spending literally hours yesterday trying to discover what was wrong with the first paragraph indentation after reviewing my book in MobiPocket Reader, I discovered it was a very common issue.

You want left indentation for the first sentence of each paragraph, except for the very first paragraph of a Chapter which should be block.

The problem:
Regardless of what settings you establish for that paragraph, the conversion will ignore it.

Those who had a solution said it was in the html coding. Well guess what? I have no patience to sit and code html all day. If you design websites or are a retired individual, hats off to you. This girl barely has time to cook dinner let alone jack up my document by accidentally removing brackets where I shouldn't in the code.

So, I'm biting the bullet. If that is the biggest problem I have, then it's not so bad. This is a learning curve and perhaps in the future there will be a solution.

Now, for fun, this is how I envision one of my villains in the book. He is the one, if you read the chapter excerpt, who attacks Zoe.

Ok, now back to my HTML nightmare.
In brighter news - I did my first test upload to Kindle to review the results. I was a little frightened when I saw there were 0 margins, but found out the previewer does not show you margins. I have mine set to .25 so I should be okay. Otherwise there were a few extra spaces here and there in the book, so instead of figuring out why (via html i'm sure), i just deleted the sentence and re-keyed in case it was something behind the scenes.

I took Friday off, and actually got a lot of major things accomplished.
A. I finished the book cover image.
B. I did my test Kindle upload
C. Connected with others who are Kindle authors
D. Organized the crap out of my bookmarks.

I'm still doing the first re-write of Book 2 in-between. Major props to Taco Bell for getting me through these trying times.

  • Title the Book (this has become a daunting task I'm probably putting too much into). Help!
  • Finish the cover including the fonts for Title/Author
  • Upload the book a second time to check formatting
  • Write a description for the book. Now I have to say i'm not overly excited about this part. I wrote the book, and yet I struggle with being able to summarize it in either a paragraph or a title. Of course, authors who go through a publishing house have people do these things for them. Any volunteers? hehe
  • Research DRM and whether or not to enable this. There's a lot of stink about this--pros and cons both ways. It's supposed to help protect your book from piracy, to an extent, but also limits the reader in being able to copy your book over to various platforms after purchase. I could see this being an issue if the book was over $10, but if I'm only charging 99 cents I seriously doubt there's going to be an uproar if I use it.
  • Stop using bulletpoints
  • Go get that taco supreme

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