Friday, August 26, 2011

Cover Model

I'm excited to say that the model for my cover has been extremely supportive, so I have made some huge progress in completing the design. I have to say that those who offer their images for free, simply because they enjoy the art that comes out of it, are amazing. It's actually inspired me to upload some of the photography I've taken as free stock.

I'm very satisfied with the look of this cover over the other options I had lined up, I think it conveys her struggle than those 'tough bitch' images. Zoe is a tough cookie, but she hardly compares to the bounty hunters that many Urban Fantasies seem to revolve around.

Here's a sneak peek which is not going to show you much at all. It's requiring a lot of editing since I have to work with adding flooring, light, texture and retouching the model. Not to mention the titling and font styles.

Once I've completed the cover and shown the model, I will definitely post it here.

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