Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While content counts, no one wants to taste your cake if it looks like a steaming pile of...

So I've been working on a cover for my first novel. When you enter the world of self publishing, you do everything. I'm not sure why there has always been a perception this is the easy road. I don't get the guaranteed marketing, editors, cover artists, let alone a pretty paycheck, and on top of that i have to learn how to code HTML. WTF?

I digress.

It's been fairly important to capture the feel of the book/character.

This meant that putting a slut on the cover wasn't going to cut it, nor was a half naked man. As much as I'd love to...

I want to be fair to the story, and try to convey a good feeling about it. This also ruled out pictures of lone tree's on a hill and eyeballs.

All things were considered.

Now, I'm currently waiting on permission for a model to allow me to use her stock. I'm going the route of free--because its for me.

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